Owners Corporations

At Best Hooper, we have a long history in acting for Owners Corporations with both its administrative functions and in response to external disputes such as acquisitions, building claims and those affected by infrastructure projects.

We understand that acting for an Owners Corporation extends beyond understanding legal principles, and requires in-depth consideration of the intricate technicalities of maintaining separate identities and interests.

The matters with which we can assist include:

  • Establishment of owners corporations and advising on functions
  • Creation of owners corporation rules
  • Advice in relation to and drafting of resolutions
  • Owners corporation leases and licences
  • Interpretation of plans of subdivision (including advice in relation to easements or other encumbrances on common property)
  • Disputes with or between members
  • Applications for amendments to plans of subdivision affected by an owners corporation
  • Nuisance or trespass claims
  • Legal action against members
  • Claims against building practitioners (including surveyors)
  • Responding to notices or orders under the Building Act

Joel Snyder

Managing Partner

Infrastructure, Building Disputes, Land Acquisition and Compensation, Property Transactions, Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC)

Giancarlo Romano


Property Law, Property Transactions, Commercial Transactions, Partnerships and Trusts

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