Due Diligence

Best Hooper provides front and back end advice for all stages of the planning cycle.

This starts when considering a property purchase on or off the real estate market. We are well placed to advise on future development potential include the following:

  • Existing zone, control and policy provisions;
  • Any current or proposed planning scheme amendments which may affect the existing planning controls and framework;
  • Property encumbrances on the land such as easements, section 173 agreements and restrictive covenants;
  • Advice in relation to varying a planning or property control or encumbrance;
  • Contract review;
  • Advice in success in relation to possible use and development; and
  • Advice in relation to timing and best approach to achieve the outcome sought in the most effective and timely manner.

Given our extensive private developer client base, we are also well placed to introduce clients to real estate opportunities that may exist through our current network.

Romy Davidov


Town Planning Law, Property Development, Local Government, Liquor Licensing, Planning Schemes

Joel Snyder

Managing Principal

Infrastructure, Building Disputes, Land Acquisition and Compensation, Property Transactions, Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC)

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