Planning Compensation

Where land has not been acquired but has been reserved or is otherwise required for a public purpose, there may also be rights of a landowner to seek compensation when a loss crystallises. For example, where a planning permit has been refused or the land is sold at a discount. In each of these situations, it is important for landowners to seek strategic advice as early as possible. It is common to miss ‘triggers’ for compensation by not understanding certain legislative requirements, such as giving 60 days’ notice prior to a sale.

Best Hooper regularly advises and represents landowners in such situations. Legal advice should always be sought where land use is restricted by reason of a requirement of a public authority or where there has been some other disadvantage caused by such requirement.

Tania Cincotta


Town planning law, Property development, Restrictive covenants and easements, Land acquisition and compensation, Liquor licensing.

Joel Snyder

Managing Partner

Infrastructure, Building Disputes, Land Acquisition and Compensation, Property Transactions, Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC)

John Cicero


Town planning law, Property development, Restrictive covenants, Land acquisition and compensation, Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC), Local government law, Environmental planning law.

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Special Counsel

Town planning law, Property development, Land acquisition and compensation.

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