Infrastructure Projects

Best Hooper has a strong industry presence in the majority of Victoria’s major infrastructure projects.

We represent a wide range of owners, developers and other interested parties in ensuring that their rights are protected throughout the lifecycle of a project. While many landowners submit to the impacts of a project, the benefit of legal and strategic advice should not be ignored.

Synonymous with infrastructure projects are many other areas of practice of which we have extensive experience. This may include, for example, compulsory land acquisition, protection works, licence agreements and rights in relation to existing access. We are therefore well placed to provide strategic advice to assist clients of all kinds.

We also represent clients during public consultation processes, such as during the hearing of inquiries to an Environmental Effects Statement, often raising matters that were overlooked by authorities. Our lawyers were amongst the first in Victoria to negotiate a collaborative deed with a major infrastructure authority to help preserve the position of a consortium of clients.

Recent projects include Metro Rail Project, West Gate Tunnel Project, North-East Link, Desalination Pipeline and the Outer Suburban Arterial Roads Project.

Ian Pitt KC

Special Counsel

Town planning law, Property development, Land acquisition and compensation.

John Cicero


Town planning law, Property development, Restrictive covenants, Land acquisition and compensation, Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC), Local government law, Environmental planning law.

Tania Cincotta


Town planning law, Property development, Restrictive covenants and easements, Land acquisition and compensation, Liquor licensing.

Joel Snyder

Managing Partner

Infrastructure, Building Disputes, Land Acquisition and Compensation, Property Transactions, Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC)

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