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The Best Hooper Version of “Business as Usual”

Joel Snyder

Along with the majority of other service providers in Australia, we are guilty of professing to our clients that we are ‘continuing to operate business as usual’. The truth is that there is nothing usual about how we are continuing to engage with our staff, clients and industry professionals. Any person saying that everything is unchanged has not left their home in 4 months nor opened a newspaper.

Here are some things that we are doing to maintain the welfare, safety and security of our Best Hooper family and ensuring that we can continue to service the industry with excellence:

  • Our staff members at all levels of experience continue to be leaders by publishing timely updates on legislation and thought pieces for the industry.
  • Networking lunches with clients and consultants using video conferencing and food delivery services.
  • Implementing permanent procedures to become a ‘paper-light’ practice to ease workflow and to benefit the environment.
  • New internal communication methods being implemented together with daily check-ins to ensure that everyone is keeping mentally-healthy and can continue working.
  • Use of online conference services to engage with clients and industry consultants to continue providing strategic advice and representation.
  • Implementation of Best Fit Sessions personal training to encourage group workout programs with a local gym.
  • Engaging in key stakeholder forums to assist our industry in continuing to progress.
  • Have to date continued to maintain all wages for employees.

It is abundantly evident that we are not operating ‘as usual’. In fact, in the face of adversity and true to the Australian culture we are adapting, rolling up our sleeves and working better than ever before.

Best Hooper is proudly committed not just to serving their clients, but the wider community wherever possible. We invite any individuals or businesses who are doing it tough or finding it hard to adapt to reach out to us at any time during and after this pandemic. We thrive on innovation and new ways of working, particularly where it benefits our staff and client groups.

Best Hooper has been serving the community since 1886, and we have survived through recessions, wars, depressions and pandemics. We are the oldest and certainly most prominent developer focused advisory law firm in Victoria – it is what we know and what we do best.

Joel Snyder

Managing Principal
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