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A Letter to Our Developer Community

Best Hooper

To Our Developer Community,

In these unprecedented times, we cannot predict how this will look for all of us when we come out the other end. Some of you will have incomplete sites, others may have lost sales, and most will be trying to make sense of their feasibilities. Although we are a resilient community, innovative solutions are, and will be, required to adjust to COVID-19.

We remain open for business to provide to you that innovative and strategic advice. We are also working with lead industry groups, key stakeholders and Government to make sure that we are best placed to provide the advice that you need. Our community is too important to stand still.

Many of you are continuing to undertake due diligence on new sites, engage consulting teams to prepare new applications, negotiate outcomes, and keep relationships with builders and the community at large. We can assist you in all of those tasks. It is important not to miss deadlines in current applications or referral periods. While VCAT has currently adjourned non-critical hearings up to 17 April 2020, the industry is actively looking at ways to enable hearings to continue in the future and there is still other work to be done.

Best Hooper has been serving our community since 1886. We have survived through recessions, wars, depressions and pandemics. We are the oldest and certainly most prominent developer focused law firm in Victoria – it is what we know and what we do best.

Let’s continue to work together as Victoria will once again be relying on our community to prosper.

Yours faithfully

Best Hooper

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