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Dispute Resolution

Andrew Kaspen

Principal Lawyer

Andrew has been in practice since 1994. He specialises in dispute resolution and acts for a wide range of corporate clients, municipal councils and individual clients.

The cornerstone of the relationship Andrew seeks to build with his clients is the flexibility and dynamism which he brings to problem-solving. Like other members of Best Hooper’s Dispute Resolution Team, he is proud to offer clients a service in which his input adds value to their commercial needs.

Andrew practices in the following areas:

  • Property related disputes;
  • Building and construction disputes;
  • Environmental matters, with a focus on claims arising out of the sale, lease or redevelopment of land subject to contamination, and notices issued under the Environment Protection Act;
  • Land acquisition and compensation;
  • Corporate and commercial claims, including director and shareholder disputes and partnership disputes;
    Trusts disputes;
  • Wills and testators’ family maintenance claims

Andrew’s skill set also encompasses expertise with Microsoft Excel and document management systems, enabling him to maintain high levels of control over large amounts of information. His strategic approach to resolution is both inclusive and interactive – he prefers to operate a cloud-based system of document and file management, to create accessibility for his clients, barristers and other interested parties. In recent years Andrew has overseen the migration in his practise towards a near “paperless” environment, the efficiencies of which have been passed on to his clients in the form of reduced handling, shorter turn-around times and more competitive fee outcomes.

With a primary focus on resolution, Andrew conducts matters at both superior and lower court levels and is dedicated to the delivery of timely and cost effective solutions to enable his clients to meet their financial objectives.